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Live Escape Game Liège

The First  Live Escape Game in Wallonia

An innovative and exciting experience. You are locked with a team in a strange and seemingly dead-end room, a parallel universe filled with riddles and littered with mysterious objects.
The aim of the game ?

Decipher the clues and find the exit in less than 60 minutes. You will succeed thanks to your creativity, your imagination and your ingenuity. If you are able to work as a team to solve all the puzzles then you will be able to beat your biggest enemy: time.

The concept of escape games is infinitely variable: each new Room is a creation, an escape in a world (period, place ...), staging that tells a different story and where the players are the protagonists.
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As the minutes go by and doubts set in, the tide of adrenaline will assail your composure. Patience and self-control will be essential to unravel the skein. Taking a step back may be enough, who knows? Until the last second, an intuition can break the deadlock.


By crossing the threshold of the first door, you will be immersed in a parallel universe where your only landmarks will be your companions of adventure. The qualities of each one of you will be tested by a succession of riddles and puzzles that will be revealed only to the most insightful minds.


In our 3 Rooms, everything is there, in front of your eyes and at your fingertips. Paying attention to the details and racking your brain is enough. But in the dark, all the cats are gray, and maybe you'll rather be captivated by these strange universes... Do you really have to solve all the mysteries ?


ChicaGo 1930

Chicago 1930, a small Belgian brewer, your beer business is successful but a certain Al Capone does not see it with a good eye and decides to challenge you. The Little Italy Boss has placed a bomb in your office, you have 60 minutes to save your skin. Will you succeed?

The Mystery of Hikikomori

Japan, some teenagers named Hikikomori disappear suddenly. One of them would have vanished after having conquered other dimensions. You have 60 minutes to clear up this mystery!

70's Hold-Up

Liege, 1970. A bank, a blow prepared for a long time, and an hour to get into the legend: steal the biggest diamond in Belgium! Will you be crazy enough and clever enough to get there?

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(12h-17h tuesday until friday not included the room 'Hikikomori') 2 people = 50€ (25 x 2) 3 people = 66€ (22 x 3) 4 people = 80€ (20 x 4) 5 people = 90€ (18 x 5) 6 people = 96€ (16 x 6)


(17h-21h30 weekdays, 10h-22h on saturday, 10h-17h30 on sunday) 2 people = 54€ (27 x 2) 3 people = 69€ (23 x 3) 4 people = 84€ (21 x 4) 5 people = 100€ (20 x 5) 6 people = 108€ (18 x 6)


The teams who took part in the Evasion Room adventure



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Clues to Find

Riddles to Solve


Do not hesitate to contact us for any technical or room-related questions. Or even to join us in the adventure!